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Friends and Letting Go

Friends and Letting Go A dear friend posted this today. I don’t know to whom original credit belongs but it presents a wisdom we psychotherapists work with our clients every day. If anyone knows, I will add credit where credit … Continue reading

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“I am part of all that I have met,” Lord Tennyson Everyone you meet and interact with with changes you in a large or small way. To the extend possible, when we choose whom we associate with carefully our lives are … Continue reading

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Pain Relief Without a Life of Addiction or Inpatient Treatment

Addiction Suffers – here’s help! I don’t believe I’ve ever copied a news article before and put it on my blog, but since this one is of considerable value, please read on. I am familiar with the work of Dr. … Continue reading

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Don’t Call Me a Narcissist! The Official Definition.

Don’t Call Me a Narcissist! The Official Definition. How do we diagnose? I was surprised to receive detailed questions about what constitutes clinically diagnosing a person as having NPDO (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). Are there a number of armchair therapists out … Continue reading

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How do I recognize a narcissist?

How do I recognize a narcissist? Even very young people think they know a narcissist when they see one and use the term to insult their friends. You may have done it yourself. But do you really know? In my … Continue reading

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