Mind Over Matters: Improving Your Wellness

Mind Over Matters: Improving Your Wellness


Many of us want the same thing for 2018: Improved wellness, and a more grounded sense of self.  Regardless of whether it’s your top resolution, an improved sense of happiness is unlikely to be rejected if offered. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to achieve happiness in a fast-paced, technology-driven society.  Finding time to focus inward and avoid external distractions can seem impossible on most days, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Attitude of Gratitude

Having or developing an attitude of gratitude is not a new concept, but it’s one everyone can benefit from.  By cultivating a generally positive outlook you can:

  • Become more content with your circumstances.
  • Improve both physical and mental health.
  • Get better sleep.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety that can lead to depression.
  • Help boost your immune system, and prevent illness.
  • Relieve chronic pain.

  Environmental Changes

In spite of the old saying, attitude really isn’t everything.  Environment can impact both your physical and mental well-being, and inhibit your ability to cultivate gratitude.  It’s impossible to control all spaces and sources of stress that you might come into contact with each day, so it’s important to make sure you create a space to counter those things that are negative.  Set aside a room in your home without electronic distractions for your creative pursuits. Buy a comfortable chair, some paintings of nature and other relaxing decor to inspire less stress.

 Sustainable Positivity

While showing gratitude and developing a space to grow it can help improve emotional and spiritual wellness, other lifestyle factors also play an important role.  Food choices can have an incredible impact on mood and emotional health. And, just like diet, getting proper exercise helps balance emotional responses to stressors and enhances your overall sense of well-being.  If you’re not already physically active, look for an activity that you find enjoyable to help you stick with it.  Exercise is cumulative, so you don’t have to fit it all into one intense session to reap the benefits.  To sustain a general sense of happiness and well-being, it’s important to eat a nutritious, balanced diet and get the right amount of exercise.

It can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle while meeting all the other demands of a busy life. However, doing so can help you rise to the occasion, and lead to a more positive and productive life regardless of the pace.  By making small environmental changes to help you find gratitude, and cultivating it into a sustainable positive attitude, you can increase your happiness with the life you have, and improve your overall wellness.

Guest Writer: Dana Brown, @ HealthConditions.info

About Valentino Therapy

Psychotherapist (California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist), artist, animal lover, SF Giants fan...I write mostly about daily life and psychology matters, concerns and disorders and how to get help or help yourself. I write about life and often laugh at it but I also write about very serious matters that affect our lives. I'm a psychotherapist (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) with a speciality in addiction, anxiety, depression, achievement, relationships and several other areas, which is work I particularly enjoy but the nature of it requires that I also enjoy other creative and physical pursuits. Personal: I love animals beyond a reasonable measure (reptiles excluded).
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