Effective Actions Against Depression

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Effective Actions Against Depression

Many factors affect depression and many factors can help to improve it.

There is often not one, simple answer to be found but rather a serious of mostly small steps that make a big difference or change and then give you the energy and desire to add a few more to continue your upward progress if you are so inclined.

Depression appears to possibly be an issue now so I would urge you to cut back on white carbs and sugar and certainly alcohol, which is a depressant itself.
If you can, try to get 10-20 minutes of natural vitamin (sunlight) every day on as much of your body as is appropriate. Vitamin D pills are poorly absorbed so most Dr’s will advise you to try to get the natural, free kind. Of course, you do not stay out long enough to burn or create cause for concern for melanoma – everything in moderation.

One big push in both energy and mood can be had by doing just 10 minutes of exercise each morning and also each evening. It could be a walk, stretching, yoga, wall pushups or something much more vigorous if you prefer. Just avoid the evening 10 minutes just before bed.
Doing these small bits of exercise can do wonders for energy and improved thinking.
Most people doing this report that they feel more like squeezing in a bit more exercise each day here and there as well.
Of course, if you are someone who enjoys going to the gym, being around people and has the time to go … even better.
But exercise does not have to be a big scheduled event if you always do your 10 minutes plus 10 minutes later.

Many people also benefit by going on YouTube and selecting some free videos about motivation, beating depression, how to get moving, etc. Most are short and with the thousands available, it isn’t hard to find something that you will like, find helpful and get you in a better mood.

My Fitness Pal is a free application that tracks just about as much as you want it to and many doctors recommend using it.
The most important feature is that you just type in what you eat, either when you do it, or make a note and add it at the end of the day. It takes a very few minutes to do this.
The program then tracks every imaginable nutrient, calorie, etc.
What’s important here is that you need about 8 glasses of pure, fresh water daily and I’m guessing you are probably in the range of needing about 50-60 grams of protein each day, depending on size and sex and age.
You really need those two (water and protein) for your brain to be able to function, let alone act optimally.
I’d advise you to use this program for just a week or two (or longer if you love it) and find out the vital information about several critical nutrients and whether you are getting enough or not.

It might make a big difference in your health, your mood and your ability to work or study, concentrate and retain material.

Up to you….

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Author: Sharon Valentino, MFT
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