Narrative Therapy — Your Life Story

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Narrative Therapy — Your Life Story

– The Past, Present, and Future

You may find Narrative Therapy useful now or in the future as it can lead to greater happiness. We all have stories (narratives) about our lives and our past that hold us back, that prevent us from excelling or trying new things, from setting boundaries and perhaps also prevent us from being happy. The surprising thing is that most people are not aware of the stories we carry around on a repeat cycle inside our heads that may not be accurate, limit what we think we can do, may cause damage and are likely negative since we are more prone to remember those events. When you look at those stories and pull them out of the recesses of your mind, you can find meaning and value to then free yourself and no longer be held back. Often we develop stories without realizing it – stories of trouble, and unfairness but we neglect to adjust our stories to show what we’ve done to overcome challenges and hurt. We often overlook our steps to survive and how it made us stronger, gave us strengths and skills, plus we also benefit by writing what we should do to protect ourselves in the future.

Perhaps you will choose to use the below form to sort out the story you carry of your past, or maybe you will keep it for a future time to use it. I hope you find it of value, regardless, you now have the chance to rewrite your understanding of your past and write a new future for yourself due to your new insight.

The Past

Write the story of your past. Be sure to describe challenges you’ve overcome, and the personal strengths that allowed you to do so. Your life was not just a “Problem Saturated Story”.

The Present

Describe your life and who you are now. How do you differ from your past self? What are your strengths now? What challenges are you facing? What are you doing today to be happy and at peace?

The Future

Write about your ideal future. How will your life be different than it is now? How will you be different than you are now?

Use extra room. Write as much or as little as you want. This is your story – and your time to reinvent yourself if you want. I hope you find it useful.

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